Every item is handmade or sewn by me, Ellie, in my basement studio and is packaged with care and gratitude.
My fabric lanyards and key fob wristlets are made of 4 layers of soft cotton or cotton blend fabric with no stiff batting or interfacing, making them flexible, comfortable, and easy to use while maintaining their durability. Each one is sewn with light “transparent” thread, which adds detail without detracting from the fabric’s pattern and the stitching runs down the length of each side of the keychain, leaving the finished item looking clean and professional.
The primary difference between the two is length. A key fob wristlet fits around your wrist. They are roughly 1" wide and measure between 5" to 6" long while lying flat. A lanyard fits around your neck. They are roughly 1” wide and measure between 17” to 18” long while lying flat. The length of both types may vary depending on the fabric and hardware selected.
I currently offer two different types of hardware styles in three different colors. A reference image is included in every listing. The clamps are reinforced and snug and the lobster clasps are sewn in.
The breakaway safety hardware is clamped into the back of the lanyard where it will rest on the neck when worn. This type of hardware is most widely used with nurses and teachers in the event a patient or student yanks on their lanyard. It allows the lanyard to unclip in the back and to free the wearer from being pulled down by their neck.
The quick release hardware is sewn onto the end of the lanyard. This hardware allows you to disconnect the section with your keys from the lanyard piece for easy carry.
The custom text option allows you to add custom text into your fabric key fob wristlet or lanyard. The custom text is cut from heat transfer vinyl and applied to your keychain once it is sewn and finished.

To add custom text, just select "Yes" in the drop-down box, then fill out the Custom Text, Text Color, and Text style form below that. The text color and styles can be found in the listing pictures.
Opposites are always the way to go. If you have a light-colored keychain, I suggest a dark color for your text. Alternatively, if you have a dark-colored keychain, I suggest a light color for your text. The fluorescent colors look great on almost all backgrounds and pop well on busier patterns while the glitter colors tend to look best on less plain patterns. If you’re still unsure, feel free to contact me and I’d be happy to give you my personal opinion.