Be Effulgent is a fabric accessory company that specializes in customizable handmade keychains, such as lanyards and key fobs. It was founded in 2018 by Ellie Cottrill when her life was changing for the better and is currently based out of West Virginia.

The word effulgent was used as a homage to Ellie’s go-to feel-good television show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, that helped her through the harder times in life. It’s a reminder that things do get better, that there are brighter days ahead, and that we should always strive to be the best versions of ourselves.

Be you.
Be effulgent.


Hi, I’m Ellie! I’m the owner of and seamstress at Be Effulgent who believes the world runs on sarcasm and sass. I started Be Effulgent, which was first named Effulgent Creations, back in 2018. I was dealing with some major changes in my life and, at the time, I thought life couldn’t be any rougher, but everything was a blessing in disguise and I had a newfound will to just do something. So, I returned to college, which was something I had always dreamed of doing, and opened my own small corner on the internet in the form of my Etsy shop.

I started sewing small key fobs with an outdated sewing machine I inherited from my mother, but it was on it’s last leg. I transitioned from that to borrowing my cousin’s newer machine and am forever grateful for her generosity. It was months later, and after expanding to lanyards and other accessories, before I had the means to invest back into my business and purchase a brand new sewing machine to call my own, which I still have and love.

Sewing isn’t my only passion, though. Aside from my self-proclaimed cat mom status, I also enjoy writing. In fact, I began my new found start on life in 2018 with the plan of becoming a published author by the end of the year. Life had other plans, though, and that simply didn’t happen. I’m still holding onto that dream and will continue to focus on my writing until I’ve succeeded in seeing my name on the spine of a book. If you’d like to see what I’m up to with that whole endeavor, you can check me out at E.R. Perkins. Until then, however, I will continue pursuing my degree and nurturing Be Effulgent.